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April 10

TAC Stripes 2.0 is a tribute to the world renowned architect and founder of The Bauhaus and The Architects Collaborative, Walter Gropius. This extension adds a modern twist to the classic TAC collection!

Tags: Rosenthal, Germany, Porcelain, TAC, The Architects Collaborative, Rosenthal Loves Bauhaus, Bauhaus Movement, 100 Years, History, Walter Gropius, Art, Artist, Architect, Design, Dinnerware, Tabletop, Dine in style, Quality, Stripes 2.0

April 10
Rosenthal Liked

Taste your life with Junto!
New Featured Colors:
-Opal Green Porcelain
-Aquamarine Stoneware

Tags: Rosenthal, Germany, Junto, Taste your life, Porcelain, Stoneware, Mix and match, Quality, Aquamarine, $RSL-10540-405204-10867

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April 8
Versace by Rosenthal ~ Medusa Rhapsody Blue Ashtray 6 1/4 in
$350.00 • NEW


April 8
Versace by Rosenthal ~ Medusa Rhapsody Red Ashtray 5 in
$315.00 • NEW


April 8
Versace by Rosenthal ~ Medusa Rhapsody Red Ashtray 6 1/4 in
$350.00 • NEW


April 8


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